“Life is just a constant invitation to find out how vast you are.”

                                                                                        Jeff Foster 

Dear visitor,

a very warm welcome to the marvelvisiongg website.

I created this elegant and meditative place to showcase my conceptual art as well as collection of my travel photography and writings for the adventure magazine.

I am specializing in a female fine-art photography and have several joint and a solo exhibition to my name to the date. Being an avid traveler for almost 2 decades with Middle East being my base, I also harbor a great passion for chasing and capturing emotions in an introspective travel photography.

Exploring how images work aesthetically and learning how particular ambiance, mood or a fleeting moment can be captured in a manner that would mediate those emotions with equal intensity when the moment is long gone, is a very rewarding process…

My modest wish is that you will join me in this wondrous process of seeing and revealing, reveling and enjoying, and that you will browse this introspective art gallery with as much joy as I felt when I created it…


Sincerely yours,



Exhibitions :

Joint Exhibition: The Big Picture Dubai 2015 UAE

Solo Exhibition: Many Dimensions.One Symphony. Presov 2018 Slovakia

Joint Exhibition: Women in Art. Dubai 2019 UAE

Joint Exhibition: Common Ground 2019 UAE

Joint Exhibition: Women in Art. Dubai 2020 UAE

World Art Dubai 2020: Shortlisted Top 10 Emerging Photographer.


All images appearing in this website are the exclusive property of Gabriela Ghillanyova.Hatami

The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of the author.

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